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American Waltham Pocket watch 14k multi color gold

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$4,800.00 - $4,800.00
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An exquisite 130+ year old antique 14 karat multi color gold hunter case pocket watch. The American Waltham watch is a 6 size with movement #4478479, and model number 1889.  It is 7 Jewels and dates to 1890. The colors of the gold are yellow, rose, green, and white. The inside dust cover is hand engraved "To Jovita from Willie, Christmas 1890" . The engraving has a scratch across the bottom of it. The dial of the watch states it was presented/sold  by "Geo. C. Shreve & Co, San Francisco". The outside of the case is hand engraved around the perimeter on all 3 sections of the case (top cover, bottom cover and around the case itself). The engraving also extends to the inner part of the case top and bottom which is a Greek key design rather than the aforementioned, which is a scroll design. The watch case is #305441. The rose gold cartouche on the top cover has initials "JB". The watch case, including the enamel dial which has no cracks, is pristine. The watch has been restored and includes a one year limited warranty.