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Making a hand engraved rose gold and pave diamond ring

Making a hand engraved rose gold and pave diamond ring

Thought it would be a fun video to show what goes into the making of a hand engraved diamond ring from scratch. We started out with a chunk of rose gold, then poured it into a ingot. The ingot was rolled out into a bar then formed into a ring. After soldering the ends together the ring was hammered round, then filed, sanded and polished. In order to have the diamonds match in the ring, we sorted through our diamonds and matched them for size, color and clarity. With the nine matching diamonds ready, holes (called azures) were precisely drilled into the top of the ring to seat the stones. Using a graver, beads were raised out of the ring and pushed over the stones, locking them in place. With the stones set, a pattern for the hand engraving was scribed into the shank of the ring. The front, back and shoulders of the ring were then hand engraved with a wheat pattern engraving. Mill grain was added to the edges to complete this ring and give it sparkling one of a kind look! Skip to 3:30 to just see the finished ring, and make sure to watch in HD!

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