Prong Re-tipping

Prong re-tipping-

A prong, is the claw like piece of metal that holds a stone in place. Over time, prongs wear away allowing the stone to loosen or even fall out. When a prong has reached a critical point of wear, we do a type of repair called a prong re-tipping. A re-tipping is where we solder or fuse additional metal on top of the worn prong restoring the integrity of the prong and ensuring the safety of the stone. As a courtesy to our customer’s we offer a free jewelry cleaning and inspection, where we can identify prongs that may need attention.
Pictured above on the left is a white gold ring with a center stone where the prongs have been almost completely worn away. Above in the center is the same ring after we’ve re-tipped the prongs and given the ring a rhodium plating.