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Custom Designed Jewelry

Gemvision award winner

Award Winning Custom Design! The jewelry industry design software company Gemvision holds an annual design competition. Thousands of jewelry designers from every corner of the globe submit their designs for consideration. Last year our in house designer, Brendan Thielman won the first place design award for this technically challenging vintage inspired filigree ring.

Vintage Jewelers and Gifts specializes in custom designed jewelry! As fourth generation jewelers, we have made thousands of custom jewelry pieces over the years and have the experience to help you design the Jewelry piece you’ve always wanted! Using advanced computer modeling software, we work with you to design a jewelry piece based on your style! From the computer 3D model, we create a blueprint with measurements, and photo-realistic computer generated concept renderings of what the piece will look like once finished. If changes need to be made, we do it instantly in the modeling software. When the design is perfect we 3D print the jewelry piece at a ultra high resolution so that every detail comes out in the final piece. While most jewelers just take design notes, and mail your stones off to someone else to do the work, Vintage Jewelers and Gifts is the rare exception. From computer design, to casting, to stone setting and final polish, ALL of our custom design work is done in house! See our most recent custom jewelry designs here in our gallery