Not wearing your jewelry? Have us reuse your stones in a new design!

A Vintage Jewelers & Gifts original design, we combined the diamonds from two of our client’s unworn jewelry pieces into this brand new custom ring! Made in 14k rose gold, the ring features a heavy European shank, which helps reduce rolling on the finger. The center and outer diamonds are bezel set to offer maximum protection from everyday wear. Four additional diamonds are bead set on the top of the ring, to enhance the size of the center stone and add fire to the ring! Notice how the profile reveals an additional diamond to add pizzaz.

Made completely in house here at Vintage Jewelers & Gifts, we started the design by entering the measurements of all the diamonds to be used into our computer design software. A 3d computer model was built from which we created concept renderings of what the final ring would look like. After a few design changes, we 3d printed a model,  lost wax cast it, then polished and set the diamonds. Here is a short video of the finished ring! Make sure to watch it in HD!