Gold, diamond and amethyst ring guard!

Ring enhancers, often called Ring Guards, are uniquely designed rings, created to be worn with a preexisting ring. One purpose of a ring enhancer is to complement the original ring with additional diamonds or gemstones, in order to emphasize the size and appearance of the original ring. When worn together, the two rings appear to be a single, multi-stone ring. Ring guards can also function as a way to lock on a loose fitting ring without having to size it. If you have an engagement ring or a ring that is special to you that rolls on the finger and is not a candidate for sizing, this might be the answer.

Custom made completely in house, this ring guard was designed to fit around, and complement our client’s existing engagement ring.  After taking precise measurements of the engagement ring, we created a computer 3D model of that ring. Using the computer model of the engagement ring as a template, we designed this ring guard to fit perfectly around it. A 3D print was created from the computer model of her ring guard, which we lost wax cast in 18k gold, then pre-finished in preparation for the stone setting. Since purple is her favorite color we had amethyst specially cut to match the shape of the diamonds on the shoulders of the engagement ring. Twenty four colorless, sparkling round diamonds were pave set on either side of the amethyst. After a final polish, this ring is another gorgeous Vintage Jewelers and Gifts custom jewelry design! Be sure and check out the video below in HD!