Pearl and bead stringing

Pearls or beads need restringing? Let Vintage Jewelers & Gifts be your go-to experts! With 30 years of stringing experience AND trained by the Gemological Institute of America, Carol Thielman is Sonoma County’s restringing expert! Our stringing service will provide stretched or broken necklaces a revitalized functionality and look that will add to the life of a necklace.

Vintage Jewelers & Gifts pearl re-stringing service starts with the careful dis-assembly of the existing strand. Prior to being cut apart, the pearls are soaked in a gentle pearl cleaner then scrubbed with a ultra soft pearl brush, paying special attention to the area around the drill holes which accumulate grime during wear. The drill holes are then reamed out to remove any remaining dirt or sometimes glue, then the proper string size for the strand is determined.  Most of our pearls are strung on fine silk thread, which provides the greatest strength, durability and longevity while still remaining flexible. Hand knotting between each pearl/bead serves many important purposes. First: knots provide safety, should the strand break. Second; they prevent the pearls from sliding, which can cause unnecessary wear on the thread. Third; they provide separation between the pearls so the pearls don’t wear each other out. Fourth; knots add length & spacing to the strand. And finally, knots help prevent dirt from getting into the pearls.

Care and maintenance of pearl strands

 Since pearls are an organic product, they should be treated with care. Rather than cleaning them often, put them on last when getting dressed. Try to avoid subjecting them to cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, soaps and strong cleaners. Those items can not only harm the finish of the pearls, but can discolor, damage & weaken the string. When cleaning pearls, a gentle pearl cleaner should be used. Soak them for a short time, then use a very soft brush to gently scrub, especially around the drill holes, then rinse. Lay the strand flat to dry for  2 days, as it takes that long for the string inside the pearl to completely dry. When worn or hung up still wet, the string can stretch excessively. Since string is a biodegradable it must be replaced on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for stretching, discoloring and/or fraying. They are red flags that your strand may be ready for restringing.